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Problem 12

For the following exercises, solve each system by…

Problem 11

For the following exercises, solve each system by substitution.
\begin{aligned} 3 x-4 y+2 z &=-15 \\ 2 x+4 y+z &=16 \\ 2 x+3 y+5 z &=20 \end{aligned}





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Video Transcript

So the first step will be and we take the one we end with a chew becomes the fi Thanks. Just resent you called Joe one. And now the second case, we want todo on youse want you can, uh, Andi under equation involving ex incense. So I was used to doing three now, but we turned, uh ah. Three times number two plus a minus The far times I'm, uh, three so And we do. So which again? Uh, three times number two, We're going too far X plus The miners missed entering route times. The so the jewelry times three. And, uh gee, with him's far. And then we do this Objection here. So we do so and then when she ended six My house. Uh, eight. Thanks for minutes to thanks. And why would be out on ah three? Yes, J said minus 20. Ah, event. So B minus 17 cent. We're ankle. And you so Ah, 16 times three. We minus the 20 times we minus the Judy TEM Song will be anything you're gonna minister. Did you so the funnest juice it ju them here with way would do one more here. So isn't Lewit hams. Uh, isn't with him. Jew soon becomes five, so additional becomes ah, 10. Thanks. Plus six. Set it. Could you chew? And hey, wake on minus 10. Thanks. A minus seven, Dean times five something times five. Well defined. Is that what you go? Jew said Jew teams fight when 1 60 then we put a line and we do the ending up. So I am to do so. We got zero on then AA minus 79 set. We go to, uh, way end up. So we're gonna minus 1 58 says that we go two months to 1 58 Do you have my 79? And when we have dissent, we go being able to find it. Thanks now, so that next Well, doesn't immobilized. So doesn't implies done that. Thanks. You go to Ah, to minus six set So it could do Minus six times 1 58 Remember? 79. So we should get. Doesn't he? Could chew 17 9 times to minors. Thanks. Terms 1 50 date. So we got minus 790 Remember? 79 on Dan the accident that the why were equal to can too. On then we have this undivided tennis. Well, so we need to develop a 10 uh, about here on then in November 10. So everything here. So in development 10 and then when we revive, it isn't big 10. God. Hey, Good. Ah, go to minus one. So doesn't Thanks on now from this. Is that your father? Why we can find it Using the first question. First question saying that. Ah, under wine, we got your minus fit then ministry ex ministers that divine by madness. Far. So we should get Manus for Dale. Ah. Blessed three minors. Jew times 1 50 18 I'm in 79. Remember, man, A scar. So we should get, uh, a good Jew AA minus. What trail? Two terms 1 50 Okay, remember 17. 90. My, my mind is far. So which you can't trout time. 79 I June terms 1 58 You're right. So we got under time away. Could you? Minus 16 November minutes? Phone. So you got what you could do far. So that's three. A solution from exquisite