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Problem 40 Medium Difficulty

For the given information, show that $m \| n$ State any postulates or theorems used. (Lesson $3-3$ ) (FIGURE CANNOT COPY)
$$\mathrm{m} \angle 4=(2 x+34)^{\circ}, \mathrm{m} \angle 7=(15 x+27)^{\circ}, x=7$$




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Video Transcript

we need to prove that lines M and n or parallel when X equals. Seven. Given the measurement of angle fours to expose 34 the measurement of angle seven is 15 x plus 27. We look at the diagram the relationship between angle four An angle seven If m and enter parallel. These are same side interior angles, which means they should be supplementary and supplementary means we should be able to add them together to get 180. So the measurement of angle four plus the measurement of angle seven should equal 180 when x equal. Seven. So that would give us two times seven plus 34 added to 15 times seven plus 27 should equal 180. This gives US 14 plus 34 added to 105 plus 27 should equal 180. This gives us 48 plus 132 equals 180 yes, 48 plus 1 32 equals 180. So when the measurement of Angle four is to expose 34 the measurement of angles seven is 15 x plus 27 and x equal seven or when x equal, seven lines, M and N are parallel

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