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Problem 39 Easy Difficulty

For the given information, show that $m \| n$ State any postulates or theorems used. (Lesson $3-3$ ) (FIGURE CANNOT COPY)
$$\mathrm{m} \angle 2=(3 x+21)^{\circ}, \mathrm{m} \angle 6=(7 x+1)^{\circ}, x=5$$


$. \mathrm{m} \angle 2=\mathrm{m} \angle 6=36 ; m \| n$ by the
Canv. of the Ciorr. A Post.


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Video Transcript

to prove lines M and N are parallel went X equals five. The only two angles that they give us is the measurement of angle to in the measurement of angle six and in this diagram angle to an angle six or corresponding angles. So for em to be paralleled to end the measurement of angle to would have to eat will the measurement of angle six. Because corresponding angles or congruent congruent angles are equal, given X equals five. That means that the measurement of angled to is three times five plus 21 while the measurement of angle six is seven times five plus one. Let's see if the left and the right are equal. This is 15 plus 21 which simplifies to 36 is that equal to 35 plus one, which equals 36. Because the measurement of angled two is equal to the measurement of angle six. When X equals five, then lines Eman and are parallel

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