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Problem 46 Hard Difficulty

For the vectors in Exercise 40, find $ orth_a b $ and illustrate by drawing the vectors $ a, b, proj_a b, $ and $ orth_a b $.


$\operatorname{orth}_{\mathrm{a}} \mathrm{b}=\left\langle\frac{20}{17},-\frac{5}{17}\right\rangle$


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Video Transcript

The problem is for the watchers in exercise forty winding the one So our sovereign projection ofthe beyond two es and illustrated by drawing the doctor's off be abie projection of beyond way on a solvent projection off being a first in exercise forty we have doctor, eh? It's equal to one four Lecter B. It's equal to you two three. So the walk to projection ofthe be onto a If they continue a dot be over its magnitude for Esquire Ham's, eh, This is culture for Keene over seventeen times, one for this's control, forking over seventeen on DH fifty six over seventeen and a sovereign of projection of be onto a. Is there going to want to be minus projection of be onto A This is a cultural two three minus or king over seventeen. Fifty six over seventeen. This is control twenty over seventeen and ineffective, half over seventeen. Now we can job that doctors baby projection of be away and a southern projection of P and K as follows. This point is this is a one four and is too, eh? Is two three on. It's a projection ofthe be onto a is luck. This flag here on DH. A sovereign in projection ofthe beyond a this one half Chris. It's like a samba. Know, too, But two Hey!