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Problem 46

Determine the empirical formula of each of the fo…

University of New Mexico
Problem 45

Give the empirical formula of each of the following compounds if a sample contains (a) 0.0130 mol $\mathrm{C}, 0.0390 \mathrm{mol}$ $\mathrm{H},$ and $0.0065 \mathrm{mol} \mathrm{O} ;$ (b) $11.66 \mathrm{g}$ iron and 5.01 $\mathrm{g}$ oxygen; (c) $40.0 \% \mathrm{C}, 6.7 \% \mathrm{H},$ and 53.3$\%$ o by mass.


a) See explanation for solution.
b) See explanation for solution.
c) See explanation for solution.

Chapter 3
Chemical Reactions and Reaction Stoichiometry
Chemistry the Central Science



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Video Transcript

first of all to determine the simplest bull number. Issue off moles. Each moon eat number off moods has to be divided by the smallest number off moods as represented over here. So using this car went Oh, no Toby to hydrogen sticks while oxygen as one of the empirical formula off the compound, should be C two, it's six. Mmm. Next to calculate the number off moles off each element, we need to do some calculation as represented to deter mined the simplest bull number issue. We divide both the number off moles by zero point 2087 which gives us F E as one and oxygen as one point fight. We cannot have ah, half Adam off any element. So we multiply the boat off the sub scripts. That is Effie and oh, with two that gives us F E equals two on DDE. Oxygen equals three, giving us the empirical formula as f E too, or three next to calculate the number off moles off each element, we need to determine the number off molds off Carbon on the number off moves off her delusion as represented for the We also need to calculate the moules. Oh, excision, which can be deeply into this and oh, calculation are shown us falling 53.3 multiplied with one more divided by molecule of masks. On dhe, the number off moves off. Oxygen turns out to be three point 331 moons for the to deter mined this more, less bull number ratio. We divide each off the element by the smallest number off mole that is 3.330 off oxygen. For though we converted the empirical formula off compound, others ch two Oh!

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