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Problem 4

What is the significance of the equilibrium const…


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Problem 3

Give the general expression for the equilibrium constant of the
following generic reaction:


$2.44 \times 10^{-3}$



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Video Transcript

this question says to give the general expression for the equilibrium constant for the following generic reaction. So we have A and B in equilibrium with CND the lower case letters to note the number each of those compounds to the equilibrium constant. It's pretty straightforward. It is the concentration of the products. It's on the way over in here that we see concentration of C raised to the lower case. We're sorry, the number that precedes the compound. In this case, it's noted by the lower case letter. Just the concentration of compounds see raised to the number of seats compounds in this balanced equation times the other product, which is d again, raised to symbol or the number before that compound is lower. Case T. It's kind of hard to see here, but this is lower. Case is upper case, and then that's the products, and that's divided by concentration of the reactant CE a also raised to the power of the term in front times, be also raised the power of the term in front again equilibrium. Constant is generally the D concentrations of the product, each raised to the term that proceeds that compound, divided by the concentrations of the reactant, also raised by the term that precedes the compound

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