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Problem 39

Give the name, empirical formula, and molar mass …

University of Toronto

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Problem 38

Give the name, empirical formula, and molar mass of the compound depicted in Figure P3.38.

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Video Transcript

Okay, so we have to get the name empirical formula more than mass off the compound show on a faker. So underway I really ah, not realized looking. Figure the on the one off color aft screen and then the other. And it's also car s queen at the center. We have to Ah, you know, Adam, they cost 1 to 2 silver. The queen, we re corresponding to court. Cory Atom. So the name of this more Q ah, we were going to COIT thyself die. So for, um, dyke or I Because we have to say, over and to Cory, dice over dark aura isn't a and the empirical Filner. Is that at the okay? The Marchal formula. You asked you see out. You hoping or two of them? The empirical phone there will be asked. Cielo, we call this a simple sway show. Okay, so how about the moving mass free? You see, which is just a cultural periodic table. So we're for 2.7 point sulfur and that we have for you 5.454 Corinne. So we at everything together we should be able to find as 105.4 Grant Irmo

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