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Problem 40

What is the molecular formula of each compound? …

University of Toronto

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Problem 39

Give the name, empirical formula, and molar mass of the compound depicted in Figure P3.39.

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Video Transcript

we assume that the Ewing name empirical formula. And also then will that mass for Ah, the monkey show on thicker asleep on field test book. Um, first of all, what I'm seeing is that yours can call Dickinson. I just called him. Pays the market of former owner. Right. Um, So, um, I can see four force for a five oxygen. And for this compound is called their false Ferber's pensar ox. I force our first painter oxide. Okay, well, we're five Oxygen pen, pen, pen talks. I've pent also. Okay. Force were pen talk, sir. The empirical phoner we're looking the simplest way show we have P for all five. We can offer their signifiers. So you steal people five and for the moon Massa, we just let you find out death from our table. So Force force for Rafferty for 97 times for we have also Jin were five of them. So you have a 16 times life, so we should be able to find out. You'll sleep on eight grand Permal for the mother mass off people five

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