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Problem 46 Easy Difficulty

Given $x=237, \mu=220$ and $\sigma=12.3,$ find $z$.




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Kamerria F.

March 2, 2021

What is X if z= 1.38, µ = 220, and o=12.3?

Video Transcript

okay for this problem were just asked to find a Z score and that we know, uh, were given for this problem is the other parameters. So we know the score is just value minus the mean divided by the standard deviation. And for this problem So this is just a formula substitute simplify problem. So for this problem, we were told that did score was 2 37 the X value forest tracks that find the difference from the mean of 220. And by that, but the standard deviation in this case is 12.3 gives us standardized score. So if we simplify that, we get 17 divided by 12.3. So our final answer is 17. Event about 12.3 is 1.38 1.38 Standard deviations away from the mean