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Problem 63

Lunar Gravity On the moon, the acceleration of a …


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Problem 62

grand canyon The Grand Canyon is 1800 meters deep at its deepest point. A rock is dropped from
the rim above this point. How long will it take the rock to hit the canyon floor?


t=\sqrt{\frac{1800}{4.9}} \approx 19.1663


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Video Transcript

So let's take the Grand Canyon. Drop the rock from my of 1800. Well, yeah. Single, too, you know, Plus, you know, minus 4.9 t squared. This is not my nature to to the questions. Peanut Zero. And Lena too. Zero Because we love you. When is it negative? Equal to negative for a plane. T squared the truth. 200 divided by 4.9. I wanted t squared reclines two is square 1800 more for one night. We know that it's positive because the rock was drought. No, I hope that makes sense.

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