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Problem 10 Easy Difficulty

Graph the function by hand, not by plotting points, but by starting with the graph of one of the standard functions given in Section 1.2, and then applying the appropriate transformations.

$ y = (x - 3)^2 $


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Video Transcript

our goal list. A graph y equals the quantity X minus three squared, and that's a transformation of the standard function y equals X squared. So let's start by picturing that standard function. It's a parable A with the vertex of 00 and it opens up. So what we want to do to get this function is to shift it to the right to write three. Excuse me. Okay, so what's that going to look like? Instead of having a Vertex at 00? It's going to have a Vertex at 30 and we could find the Y intercept by plugging in. Zero for acts will get nine. So way up there at nine. Wherever that is, we're going to have our Y intercept.

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