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Problem 14 Medium Difficulty

Graph the function by hand, not by plotting points, but by starting with the graph of one of the standard functions given in Section 1.2, and then applying the appropriate transformations.

$ y = 2 \sqrt{x + 1} $


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Video Transcript

Our goal is to graph y equals two times the square root of X plus one. But let's start with y equals square root X one of our standard functions. So let's remember what that looks like. We have this basic shape. It goes through 0011 for two, etcetera. Now what would it look like if I changed it to Why equals the square root of X plus one? That transformation would be a shift left one. So then we would have a point where the Vertex was at 00 Now it's going to be over here at negative 10 So it looks like that now what happens if I multiply that by two? That's going to be a vertical stretch by a factor of two, twice as tall. So what does that look like? Okay, so the point that was at negative 10 just a moment ago is still going to be at negative 10 Now, remember, Originally there was a 0.11 and that moved over 201 Well, now that's going to be twice as tall. So that's going to be at zero to. So we should did it left one, and we stretched it vertically twice. His talk