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Problem 7 Easy Difficulty

Health A therapist can take measurements to gauge the flexibility of a patient's elbow joint. In which position is the angle measure at the elbow joint greater? Explain.


the second position


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Video Transcript

So let's take them bone structure of an arm and talk about from the shoulder to the elbow to the hand from the shoulder to the elbow. And this is the same arm, same person. So from the shoulder to the elbow is going to be the same length from the elbow to the hand is represented by this segment. Here again, it's the same person, So from the elbow to the hand, this is the same length. However, as you bend your elbow, the angle of the elbow becomes different. And the hinge here, um, states that if you've got the congrats segments in the two angles, but the angle included in the convert segments is not the same. Then the hinge there, UM says the side opposite of the smaller angle is going to be smaller here than the side opposite of when you extend your arm. So the further you extend the arm away from the shoulder, the larger the angle is going to be at the elbow. And when the armas closer to the shoulder that's when your elbow is going to be, represent a smaller angle

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