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Problem 132

Manganese is a key component of extremely hard st…

University of New Mexico

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Problem 131

Hemoglobin is 6.0$\%$ heme $\left(\mathrm{C}_{34} \mathrm{H}_{32} \mathrm{FeN}_{4} \mathrm{O}_{4}\right)$ by mass. To remove the heme, hemoglobin is treated with acetic acid and
$\mathrm{NaCl},$ which forms hemin $\left(\mathrm{C}_{34} \mathrm{H}_{32} \mathrm{O}_{4} \mathrm{O}_{4} \mathrm{FeCl}\right) . \mathrm{A}$ blood sample from a crime scene contains 0.65 $\mathrm{g}$ of hemoglobin. (a) How many grams of heme are in the sample? (b) How many moles of heme?
(c) How many grams of Fe? (d) How many grams of hemin could be formed for a forensic chemist to measure?

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Chapter 3
Stoichiometry of Formulas and Equations
CHEMISTRY: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change 2016