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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

Hilda holds a gardening book of weight $10 \mathrm{N}$ at a height of $1.0 \mathrm{m}$ above her patio for $50 \mathrm{s}$. How much work does she do on the book during that 50 s?


$$W=0 \mathrm{J}$$


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Video Transcript

this question we were asked to healthy at the work done on a gardening book that is being held one meter above the ground. So looking at the formula for work, work equals force times, displacement times, the angle between displacement of force. So my question for you is what is the displacement of the book over the 50 seconds that Hilda is holding her book? Does the book move at all? Because the book doesn't move, My delta R is actually gonna be zero. And this case, that means the work done on the book by Hilda is gonna be zero jewels. So if there's no displacement, no work is done.