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Problem 21

What are three different methods to calculate $\D…

Problem 20

How can you calculate the standard entropy change for a reaction from tables of standard entropies?


To calculate $\Delta S^{\circ},$ subtract the standard entropies of the reactants multiplied
by their stoichiometric coefficients from the standard entropies of the products
multiplied by their stoichiometric coefficients.



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Video Transcript

So if you're given a table of standard entries, how are you supposed to calculate the entropy of the reaction? And so let's just dio a general or a reaction a plus. See, I will say to be just, ah, emphasize the point here later on, goes to see plus de so reacted it's going to products. And so Delta s not is gonna equal to the sum, uh, Delta s of products. All right, it's the sum of don't tow asked for reactant, but you do have to account for the stud commentary of your problem. And so how does this look for this example? Reaction. You have Delta. That's not. It cools the standard and B for C plus the standard entropy for D minus standard entropy for a plus two times the standard into B for B. And so the whole point of having a two year was to show that if it there is, uh, coefficient in front of your, um, compound, you have to include it when you're calculating thes products minus reactant ce equations. And so that's just general formula for how you do it. And so you just look up these values and the table and plug away and get your answer

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