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Problem 59

How is an atom's atomic number related to its num…

Problem 58

How do isotopes of a given element differ? How are they


- Isotopes differ in the number of neutrons, which in result make them different in mass number, which is the number of protons and electrons.
-lsotopes are similar in the number of protons, which is known as the atomic number.



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Video Transcript

So now we'll talk about problems. 58 from chapter four. This problem, whereas how do isotopes differ? And how are they similar isotopes for the same element. So isotopes differ in the number of neutrons. So of course, the number of neutrons being different also means that the mess number will be different. However, they are the same for the same element. Different isotopes Ah, and the number of protons and electrons and also atomic number, which is the same thing as the number of protons.

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