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Problem 52 Hard Difficulty

HOW DO YOU SEE IT? Use the graph of $f^{\prime}$ shown in the figure to answer the following.

(a) Approximate the slope of $f$ at $x=4 .$ Explain.
(b) Is $f(5)-f(4)>0 ?$ Explain.
(c) Aproximate the value of $x$ where $f$ is maximum.
(d) Approximate any open intervals on which the graph of $f$ is concave upward and any open intervals on which it is concave downward. Approximate the $x$ -coordinates of any points of inflection.


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Video Transcript

So we have Sensei Crow where here is three. It's for me. Who's five? You? Six. This one crossing mate. Four brother Who? What for is equal to a crime? Four. Two's about 92. No, no purple. This was part of a, by the way being is, it is for five left. So it's for five minus four. Great zero. No, because what is decreasing? Interval four. Really? So Chris, he asks. Approximate value of X. Where is a maximum? It's a little bigger than a three. That's it. Thiss guy. This guy local minimum is God. There's a local maximum because that is going from up. Two down. Since when is coming up? Hey, call from sandwich, eh? Concrete vote when a crime is increasing. So that's from the negative too, to Mt. One from about five. Okay, downwards. Doing cruising. Just one That helps. Yeah,