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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

How fast must a rocket travel relative to the earth so that time in the rocket "slows down" to half its rate as measured by earthbased observers? Do present-day jet planes approach such speeds?




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Video Transcript

in this problem, we have to calculate the speed off the rocky related to the art are that is we in order to calculate dispute? We apply the formula for the logistic time as a identity is equals to del Tinti not divided by a squared off one minus We squared, divided by C squared her this delta t notice the proper time in trouble and they decide entities logistic type. What is this? With the speed off the rocket related to the Arthur? That D. C is the speed of the light in vacuum. Now this question can be written as vz equals toe See a square of golf one minus delta t no divided by Delta t hold square. We call it the question number one, as it is, given that this identity not is equals to one divided by two off identity. So by inserting these values in tow, this question we can write we as we is equals to 3.0 multiplied by journalists for 8 m per second into squared off one minus Here we can white, uh, one divided by two into delta T d y by delta T all square so this will give us a value for this. We, as we is equals to 2.60 Multiply Return is part 8 m per second. This is the required answer.

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