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Problem 4 Easy Difficulty

How is the molecular mass of a compound the same as the molar mass, and how is it different?


one mole of molecules.


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Video Transcript

All right. So how is the market? Mass and well, I must say a similar. And also what are the different between them? So first of all, let's talk about ah, different. So for molecular mass, we're looking at the mass off mark. You so Ah, we're looking for one more Here. What would be the massive tell and most time reducing? Am Jew? Um, atomic mass union Esther doing it? Oh, yes. So far more than massive. We will be the massive one mo of up to the substance And the more that all time we percent grandpa, move. All right, so, um form welcome ass. Just really I just want to emphasize that is we're looking at the mass off one molecule for more modern mass. We're looking looking at the mass off. One more substantive one more mark you. So they're different. Okay, so But they were also share some similarities because way we look at the conversion factors, for one am do essentially, he goes to one. When for mo, you can go through collation