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Problem 13

An atom of an element contains 66 electrons. Whic…

Problem 12

How many protons and electrons are in each atom?
a. radon $\quad$ b. magnesium


B) See Explanation



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Video Transcript

CNN will work on Problem 12 from Chapter four, and this problem were asked about how many protons and electrons are in a raid on and magnesium. So if we look on the periodic table for the atomic number of raid on its atomic number is 86 so the atomic number is equal to the number of protons, so we should have 86 protons. And if we have a neutral atom, the number of electrons and protons are equal. So we have 86 protons and electrons for Radan in Part B. We have magnesium. We look again for the atomic number and we see that we have 12 protons because its atomic number is 12 and again it's a neutral atoms. We have 12 electrons as well.

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