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Problem 51

How many unpaired electrons do you expect the com…

Problem 50

How many unpaired electrons do you expect each complex ion to have?
a. [Cr(CN)6]4-
b. [MnF6]4-
c. [Ru(en)3]2+


A) Hence the number of unpaired electrons in the d shell of the central metal ion is $\underline{t w O}$ .
B) Hence there are tive unpaired electrons in the d shell of the central metal atom.
C) Hence there is zero number of unpaired electrons in the d shell of the central metal.



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Video Transcript

so the number of unfairly electrons are one complice iron can have. Future depends on the strength of the field induced by the legal on that complex. So if a league and is strong filled, one in that case on the the probability off finding are having an affair, electrons well below. And if the ligand is a week filled in that case, the probability of hundred electrons will be high. So let's have a look at our first complex here, which is here. See, and six for minors. So if we just so since it's an octahedron complex, we will have a deal without splitting, like thiss And since, um, sanity is a strongly and strong feeling agent, that means, um, this energy capital behind and Dex Way electrons, the maxim electrons. We've been paired condition. So for chromium here we have actually chromium two plus ion, So chromium cupolas has an illiterate configuration off three four. Some, since there's a higher energy again, select transit for a struggle by one at a time here, and then the fourth one will be paired with the first one. That means in case off thiss complex, you have two unpaid electrons you know, for in the second one, we have him and six for minus. In this case, we haven't em. And two plus on because you have minus one time six here. The total charge is minus four. That means we have plus two here. So you mean to plus as a different configuration off. Truly fight some? Yeah. Here are the Floridis we Phil Egan. That means the energy camp will be law and the electrons will occupy Buddha Law and high And I just are We does. So first one to tree and then his sort of bearing up here electricity goto the higher Stan for fight. So they're so there, dear, Because speeding off this complicit looks like that mess we have here five unfairly electrons And then for the hard won The formula here is Are you in train? I own two plants. So here are our central Maykel Atom has plus two church on it On the electorate configuration is krypton and then forty six we have here. So we have sixty electrons here Safe again Andrada dear which is spitting So it'll in diamond Here is a strong feeling, Egon. That means the energy cap will be high. And that's why electricity loco. Bye. The Lord. I just There's only first one at a time, and then they will pair up here instead of going to the higher energy level, our retail. So in that case, wait. Don't have any on Perry electrons. We have Ciro unfair electron in this case.