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Problem 41

How did the charge distribution in the plum puddi…

Problem 40

How was the overall charge distributed in the plum
pudding model?


The atom is positively charged sphere while the negative charged electrons are
scattered inside the atom which makes the atom neutral.



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Video Transcript

So now we work on problem 40 from chapter four. This problem, we're asked, um, how in the plum pudding model was the charge distributed? So we know in the plum pudding model, we have a sphere which has positive charge, evenly distributed throughout. And then we have negative charges evenly distributed at points throughout this sphere. So charge was distributed. We had a positively positively charged sphere, and then we had electrons scattered throughout this sphere. That way the electric, the Adam Courtney, uh, this account, this was able to account for the neutrality of this, uh, the Adam.

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