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Problem 121 Hard Difficulty

Hydrocarbon mixtures are used as fuels. (a) How many grams of $\mathrm{CO}_{2}(g)$ are produced by the combustion of $200 . \mathrm{g}$ of a mixture that is 25.0$\% \mathrm{CH}_{4}$ and 75.0$\% \mathrm{C}_{3} \mathrm{H}_{8}$ by mass? (b) $\mathrm{A} 252-\mathrm{g}$
gaseous mixture of $\mathrm{CH}_{4}$ and $\mathrm{C}_{3} \mathrm{H}_{8}$ burns in excess $\mathrm{O}_{2},$ and 748 $\mathrm{g}$ of $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$ gas is collected. What is the mass $\%$ of $\mathrm{CH}_{4}$ in the mixture?


a) $\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{CO}_{2}\right)=586,21 \mathrm{g}$
b) $\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{CH}_{4}\right)=68,41 \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

So we have Ah, 200 grand. Well, far be it for me. And also Ah, Poopy. And the mass percentage you were skipping 25% for me thing. It's also 75% for Okay, So what would be the mass off? So to Proteus, if we are going to company burnt or come become complete combustion and we're both off their chemical species. Okay, so this is Pari. Um, Okay, that's not report a Ah, before we do anything we need to write. Ah, chemical equation. So you have a cumbersome bush complete combustion. So you have water and, uh, water and see It's you. Same for weaving and Po Pai. Okay, lets up. We're going to buy us a Kanko equation. Ah, First of all, we have uncommon on the form. Anything. We have one carbon. That's fine. We're four Hye Jin Jin's. So we have to put a two even the water. So we had put sue you for more water. Ah, let's go back. Ah, screen for water. So, um, we were half four oxygen on the right. So we needed to put a two year from the tail section and half of every bird bones, We're going to into Bonds. Second question, a swell. So if we comment and also we have eight. Um, Hodges. Okay, so we have six oxygen, and then we have four surgeons who have times over for five years. Fun off the, uh, poster. So we have the bonds can co equation. All right, so because we're giving the percentage, um, that's pretty good. So we're going to file the mass off in a meeting and propane. So we have 200 gram time, um, soup on to five. So we have for the graham off. Ah. Um, meet me. You're going to just wet to, um, we percent, uh, the mass off on the also collision for pooping. So we have one for the glam. Okay, So that stuff without me saying so, we have 50 Graham. So the limbo more me, Fay Really close to our fruity Graham divide by the moon mass. Um, 16. Since with their runs off 3.1. Ah, free most ok. And from the modulation from the motorway show, we can see that it's the moon reservation. Beef against the serious 1 to 1. So you also you comes the number. We'll stay with you. Okay, so we're moving on to look at the propane calculations. The number move A potpie. We'd be equals to, um, one for the Graham. Do you want by? Ah, fleet. Harbin's times 3 12 and sweet plus eight hydrogen. So you, uh he goes to see a three point for one most. Okay, So the number move or so to from the propane compassion eyes. Okay, we can see that the motorway show he's 123 beers, one hoping we're free cabin being rodeos. So we just need to multiplied our, um number moose off poopy by four. So we have 10 roughly around 10 points. You will keep the feats of significance 10 point to most. Okay, so there, though. Total limbo Mose off. So two very close to 10.2 plus free form 13 and then we will have Ah, 13. Um, 13.3 most. So this is total total limbo. Mozo car coming down side. Okay, so the next stop, we were going to convert a total noble movie coming down side times. The mullahs mass. We have a massive Theo too. So v sa one common to all citrine and mass off. Ah, Theo to for years will be closed to five. Um, e seven Graham. So we just leave. Multiply for team 0.40. The total number move A carbon polio's from both compassion. And then we multiplied by Ah, the mother mass off so too. And then we ate 5 87 Grandpa off facility. Okay, so we move on to party. Popular blog. Complicated. Okay, so we would have to 52. Grandma, come in. Ah ha! Movie. And also pope any completely Bernie excess officers it oxygen and every podiums for 78 4 78 gram. We'll follow C or two. So what will be the master Standish off? Ch four to me Thinking the hour to 45. Start for 2 52 grand more mixture. Okay, so from here we are again, we're going to wake the chemical reaction. Ah, equation. We already have it here, so Ah, if I used to refer to here, I will come back to this page. Okay, So, um yes, both of them they were pulled. Use, um, coming down side. Right. So And from here, we can file their total limbo More coming down side you way have helpful. Okay, So ah, maybe less. Assume the mass off. Um, there's a lot of justice for So let's assume the mass offs each for your secret to aches. Then the mass off our C three h eight requested to 52 minus aches Because, yeah, we have these two mother adding to enter because the 2 52 Sophie the Mass offstage boys X end. I'll see if the h h hoping will be, too to feed you to my 6 to 15 miles a day. All right, so, yeah, from here, we can start to settle the equation. Okay, So, first of all, we need our chemical, um, reaction equation. So fistful. Ah, we have How are, um, me thing over here? That's not as I just black me thing to see what, this 1 to 1 ratio. So the number most only thing should be equal. He goes to number mo off our cell too. Yeah, Authorities find that, and if a four piece the number move up or propane Trippy. Uh, when you multiply that by three times, you should have the lumber most off coming down side. Coming outside All right. So if we remember this relationship this motor racial relationship, it would be easy of us to several equation. Okay, So big for prove the compassion Day. Opal, you're seeing what you saw that's nest out without with our, um for so the limbo More sex for you goes to our mass we'll be asking The massive takes divide by the mood of mass So the more the massa is should be Ah, 12 for 16 you can find from your, um few unstable. All right, so from the combustion off Ah, um, maybe again go back because one Moselle me femke for Mosul. Carbon dioxide, the lumber move Cabinda's are generated from siege for compassion will be Also uses a number bo off stage four. Okay, so the links that will be for potpie We have 2 52 Mother takes the mass divide by the modem ASAP, hoping the movements of hoping or 12 times sweep us 12 tensely us eight chosen fevers for ST. If he goes to a 44 just make sure I get right three per seat. Okay, um and then the lumber mobile suits you from propane. If we go back here. You can see that We'll have one more off this. It will generate three miles off. So choose. So we have the mother five by free. So we have three times our 2 52 Why is Athos and he goes to divide by 44 Okay, so we have Ah, limbo. Most off our, um come in, Darkseid. In terms of aches. Okay, so the Lexx tablets, we know that the total number mo off search you he goes to the limbo more co two from a me thing Pastor Lumber More civility. Ah, from hoping at everything together and also this total on boom. But we'd be equals Two hour for seven. Um, source here 77 48 Graham. Okay, So the total number more in the last week and fire is 47 48 grams, divided by the mass. I said 12 16 times to also it's 44 here because the lumber. So we just We just need to accommodate a lumbering and Stella fashion. You'll make our life easier. So 7 40 Divide 44 we have 17. Most 17 most. So just waste it. Andi can put our 17 over there. Okay. Were 17 on the left. Okay. On the radio. Just call pedis. Two terms over your ex up over 16. Plus free time to 52 months. Aches developed by Ah, 44. Okay, so we have this. Ah, we would have this. Ah, equation. Okay, so, um, the Lexx tabbies are afterburn sim. From a few minutes, we're going to, um so for X, they're gonna solve for X. Okay, so ah, first so far on the left. I would like to Yeah. Course multiplied. They're 16 times, sweetie. Two for the two months. Extra pretty big number. And then the bottom. Why? 44 times 16? And initially it was 17. Okay, so, uh, yeah, so let's simplify it. So 44 times 64 to 16. Ah, safe. 04 704 And then we have 16 times. We were 48. 48. Time to 52 Uh, okay, so we have from 48 takes minus. Once you were knowing six. Ah, the one to Sewell. Nine sixes come from 16th times. Three. Time to 52 It's 12096 And then we We have ah, 44 x we go across my before four X and then, um we have 16 times Lee times, that's X and we're minus 48th away here. Okay, So, uh, yeah, we have Ah, a lumber saw felt so that we have adjusted to, um we arranged the equation are signify again. So we're one to see. Room 96 Sylvia, I have a 44 miles, miles, 48 aces, miles, four eggs and plus one Choose several Nice. +6704 All right. So yeah, we can further just we moved to a 70 fortune left. So we have 704 times. 17 Soviet one. Ah, 11968 Okay, so we're going Thio saw forthis So we're 119 6/8 minus one to see were 9 60 Wipe I lad, if four and then you should be able to find a secret of 32 crab for you to grab. Okay, so we go back Thio. Same page. So we find that extra secrets a 32 and easy, essentially the mass off our ah, Stage four. So the mass percentage of sensual would be for you too. Divide by the overall mass time. 100%. So we will be 30 to develop 5 to 5 to time, 100% AA, and they should be equals to, Ah, 13%. And this will be the mass off, um, percentage off. See for