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Problem 117 Hard Difficulty

Hydrogen gas is considered a clean fuel because it produces only water vapor when it burns. If the reaction has a 98.8$\%$ yield, what mass ( g of hydrogen forms 105 $\mathrm{kg}$ of water?


$\mathrm{m}\left(\mathrm{H}_{2}\right)=1,18^{*} 10^{4} \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

We're looking at the combustion off hydrogen. Ah, to Proteus of water s. So I just called a hydrogen fuel, huh? He can be used as to provide energy. Okay, So if this Ah combustion reaction you we have a 98.8% first issue and you put this 105 kilogram of border silver would be our initial mass off hygiene that we need. You know that the bodies were no. Five kilogram of water. Okay, so first of all, we have a chemical reaction again. We have to buy us the Camco you creation. Okay, so I would put the two year phone water turbines, oxygen at the same time, just looking for the opportunity from off the hydrogen to balance. Ha jin. And this chemical reaction response is very important because in Malawi show yes, we're important for us if I deliver almost lost the mask. All right, so Ah, among that we produce this thing kilograms. So we have to convert that you, Graham. So i'ma buy that by 1000 corresponding to 105 single. See with zero grab on 105 times. 1000 grand and the percent issue is 98.8. So therefore, the, um the mass over here, it's essentially is only 98 98.8% off the original theoretical mass. So we have to take our the, um, our mass over here. We're going to divide the percentage used. You know that the founder or we'd, you know, free. Radical you. So we're going to take 105 time. 1000 to cover that too. Graham. Divided by Ah, the percentage. Ah, Ciro Point, um, 7.98 And then we should be able to find as it roughly around 10 um sakes. Um 000 Graham. Ah, rhyme. I mean, right up to the police. If they can figure sleeps in the thick of figures because we started, please, So we can figure. So we should have ceased significant figures. So this is what leader number we have. Okay, So the next step is we're going to convert that to limp home. Also, 106 Ciro Ciro, Ciro Di went by the mass of water. I will be 18 and this is corresponding to five eight. Knowing cereal, most off water being produce more. Bring Brody. So we had a number most. And then we're going to use the more the way she found the lumber, most of ah ha Jin Jin's. So, ah, where you go back to here, You can see that they have the scene coefficients to the lumber Most the motivation will be 2 to 2, which she's 1 to 1. So essentially they have the same number almost for hydrogen and water. Okay, so we know that is have 589 serial most. So we're going to convert that to Mass. Ah, we have Ah ha jing gas. So we just need money by the with a mass off hydrogen. So 5890 times two we have 1178 Ah, 1178 Graham off our Hodgins be being produce if you want to. Ah, maintain that to ah, piece of thinking figures. So we have 11 a serious e o gram off hydrogen