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Problem 1 Easy Difficulty

(I) Estimate the binding energy of a KCl molecule by calculating the electrostatic potential energy when the K$^+$ and CI$^-$ ions are at their stable separation of 0.28 nm. Assume each has a charge of magnitude 1.0$e$.


$$5.1 \mathrm{eV}$$


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Video Transcript

orchestrations. Let's start with the work discussion relation between binding energy and electrostatic potential. And that you So in our example, we have to find out the binding energy by first calculating electrostatic potential energy. Okay, so let's consider a case where we have given a k c l molecule. Hey, the capers. And here the seal Negative six plus charge. And this is negative. And the separation between damages geo point to a nano meter. Now we have to find out the binding energy. But first we can appeared electrostatic potential energy. So form Knauf Electrostatic potential energy is one upon for by up silent north. Do you, if you want into cure toe a bone r one to basically Q one and Q two other charges at the Gordon s and R one to r the separation between the judges. Okay, so simply the value. This is nine in tow. Tenderness part nine. Okay. Thank you. Went into kun is given that 18 So in tow one a and toe one e upon general point. Tow it. Nano media. Okay, So now, after solving days, this is the value off. One is a cruised to a 1.6 in tow. 10 Rays power minus 19 Coolum. Okay, so nine in tow. 10 days by nine in tow. E square upon Cheeto Point Wit Nanometer. Now in s I. If we have to convert this in Asai, this will be nine in pro tennis by nine in tow, 1.6 in tow, 10 days by minus 19. Car, Whole square are born. Jiro point to a in tow 10. This about minus nine meter. Now, after soldering this, we will get you in tow. A going toe, aid in tow, Tenderness by 19 June. Now I'm giving you a brief about electrostatic potential energy and binding energy. Basically, electricity potential energy is the energy possessed by the system off charges by were two off their position. Okay. And the binding energy is in a simple way. Is the energy required to bind the system. So, in this case, this electrostatic potential energy is a call to binding energy off the system. And that is that will be eight point into 10 days. Bar minus 19. Chew Well, thank you. I hope you will like that with you.

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