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Problem 9 Medium Difficulty

Identify each sample as biased or unbiased and describe its type. Explain your reasoning.
To determine whether a candidate for governor is popular with the voters, $30 \%$ of citizens in each of the 254 counties are surveyed.


unbiased, stratified random sample; the population is first divided into the 254 counties, and then $30 \%$ of the citizens are surveyed from each of those counties


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Video Transcript

so this would be considered a by unknown sorry and unbiased, An unbiased on biased sample our survey, because you are, first of all, kind of just ran. You're going through all of the ah, the the county's, um you're going to all of the different ah counties. Yes. So So all counties is definitely on a thing. That is good. You know, I just going to one county or once. Ah, couple specific counties, like counties with big cities or small cities, all counties. And, um also you are You're taking a what we call a stratified random sample. You're doing 30% of people.