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Problem 43 Easy Difficulty

If $ A $, $ B $, and $ C $ are the vertices of a triangle, find
$$ \vec{AB} + \vec{BC} + \vec{CA} $$



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Video Transcript

F a b b C. Um Or if Fabian's here advertises of a triangle. So let's say we have 00 23 and 50 for example. And we have these vortices of the triangle and we have three vectors adding them up. We want to know what the resulting vector is going to be. Well remember from vector addition that if we have this one is the head and now it's going from tail to head, we know that the resulting vector, if we had a to B Plus B two C, that would just be a to C. But keep in mind that A to see is the exact opposite of C. To A. So because of that, we see that A to see is a negative C. To A. So if we add negative C. A plus C. A, we end up getting zero. So this is true for all triangles. The some of the vectors would be zero.