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Problem 21 Easy Difficulty

If $ \cosh x = \frac {5}{3} $ and $ x > 0, $ find the values of the other hyperbolic functions at $ x. $


$\operatorname{coth} x=\frac{1}{4 / 5}=\frac{5}{4}$


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Video Transcript

Okay. We know that sign H of X is the square root of five over three squared minus one, which is a squirt of 16 over nine, which is 4/3. Therefore, we know that tan H of X is 4/3 over 5/3 which is 4/5. Therefore, coast seeking h of X is won over sign H of X, which is gonna be 3/4. Therefore, we know that seeking H of X is won over co sign Age of X. So one over 5/3 which is 3/5 And then we know that Coach Tangent H of X is one over Taneja back. So when over 4/5 is 5/4 other words the opposite of us.