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Problem 52 Medium Difficulty

If $ F(x) = \displaystyle \int^x_2 f(t) \, dt $, where $ f $ is the function whose graph is given, which of the following values is largest?

(A) $ F(0) $ (B) $ F(1) $ (C) $ F(2) $
(D) $ F(3) $ (E) $ F(4) $


(C) $F(2)$ is maximum.


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Video Transcript

So the graph ofthe Foo offs sketch it here. You can look at a more detailed graph out on your textbook. It looks like this. So this is a graph of floor case. Haven't upper efforts into growth that they ask you? Which one is it? Largest. In this case, there is actually a simple enough because F three or four if you look as integral effort, this lower case of his below abscesses. So this will be the last zero plus zero. How about fo zero? What if we integral from zero to two or water to it will be a positive number. But now we swapped the opera pile about his saturated from two to zero in cellars here to To To the white stepped off one, two, two. That means all these things will be less than zero and f off two, by definition would be exactly the Europeans. We integrate the upper bond. Lord Jesus said it's the same. So this so sea is the largest one because all others are next events. This white horse, there