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Problem 1 Easy Difficulty

If $ f(x) = \sum_{n = 0}^{\infty} b_n(x - 5)^n $ for all $ x, $ write a formula for $ b_8. $


$b_{8}=\frac{f^{(8)}(5)}{8 !}$


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Video Transcript

This is the tricky problem. This is a tricky problem to South this ban. They need some information about Tara sarees. First lesson free car. So tell a serious or function. I've I point a is Eco's toe Sam Nation from zero The Infinity I eh? And it's prime. Oh, in fact, Aurea, Times X minus a to the power Andre wants this function Eco's this number, Which means it goes summation of bones from zero three infinity of be in times X minus file. So the power to let those two questions code they needed to know they have freedom to truth. Our A Because there are you thinking nine eight teller Siri's at different points so absolute we can choose a photo file to simplify this preparation as a vassal will get her infinite money. Siri's It's not a most of simplest answer for this question. So the truth, eh, ico fine. What of a guide is I've file to the power. Oh, in fact, Aurea, because we have access minus five to the power of a same Miss X man is filed the power. So the first term as he could, Toby. And so this is in creation. They can truth be eight we can calculate. Be eight B eight days. Iko too. I've file, eh? Do you really want to? Oh, eight Victoria. Andi, This calculator we can know. Ah number the value of a factory. A eco's toe for oh, three to go So maybe I done now.