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Problem 20 Easy Difficulty

If $ \tanh x = \frac {12}{13}, $ find the values of the hyperbolic functions at $ x. $


$\sinh x=\frac{12}{5}$
$\cosh x=\frac{13}{5}$


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Video Transcript

recall that one plus 10 eight tracks over one minus 10 h of X is you. The two acts, remember? 10 h of X is 12 over 13. Therefore, we have won over 12 13 over one minus 12 or 13 which is either to axe. Therefore, we have 13 post world over 30 minus 12. 25 equals eat of the two acts there for each of the AKs equals five. Their first sign h of X to the X might even negative X over, too gives us 12 thefts and then co sign h of axe. Either the explosive to the 90 vacs over too gives us 13 over five.