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Problem 14 Medium Difficulty

If the tangent line to $y=f(x)$ at $(4,3)$ passes through the point $(0,2),$ find $f(4)$ and $f^{\prime}(4)$


1$/ 4$


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Video Transcript

it's found f for Let us pray for if the tangent line to y equals after that at 43 Yeah, passes through 02 The first hole you already know. Three sequence for because of this guy. Now we just need to know derivative for that. We're gonna use the following equation. Why? My guess why not is equal to em? Times explain is excellent. We said, Why not ex? Not equal tow 334 onions. Thanks, lad. Is three. Why not? Is poor. That's why. Could be zero two betweens. That negative too. Sequel to times three. Which tells us, uh um dizzy. Cool. Too negative. Three two over. *** to me, which is 2/3. No, this is exactly pride four.

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