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Problem 10 Easy Difficulty

If the work required to stretch a spring 1 ft beyond its natural length is 12 ft-lb, how much work is needed to stretch it 9 in. beyond its natural length?


Work needed to stretch it 9 $\mathrm{in.}$ beyond its natural length $=6.75 \mathrm{ft}-\mathrm{b}$


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Video Transcript

okay. Recalled the books law that after that six kids and the definition of work devil equals two. That's the ex from Axl. That's cool. Okay, so plug in the data. We have 12 equals to 12 0 to 1 k x. T s. So that gives us cakes, Tony before and we're asking The working man is a stretch. The spring. 29 inches. Be honest, natural wings. And we know that one fetus, 12 inches. So what's nine inches deserve 175 feet. Okay, so the work equals to 0.20 point 75 24 x b s escapes when people here and that equals to 6.75 seat bones.