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Problem 51 Easy Difficulty

If $ w'(t) $ is the rate of growth of a child in pounds per year, what does$ \displaystyle \int^{10}_5 w'(t) \,dt $ represent?




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Video Transcript

all right, we are given the derivative of the function of W. T. To represent the rate of growth of the child in palace per year and were asked then to determine what this represents our first things. First, we know that the integral of a derivative we'll need you to the original function so that this would go away. We also have to take account are five in our 10 here. The way we do it is we take the top number for the integral and subtracted by the bottom number of the integral. So you say, Well, w ci 10 to 5 people to W 10. So what would WB when t is equal to 10, subtracted by W on t z Go too far, right? And that is the representation of this integral here. All right, well, I hope that clarifies the question. Thank you so much for watching

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