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Problem 57 Easy Difficulty

If $ x $ is measured in meters and $ f(x) $ is measured in newtons, what are the units for $ \displaystyle \int^{100}_0 f(x) \, dx $?


Newton-meters (or Joules)


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Video Transcript

um The quick answer as we work, let's say, a function is measured in units and you find the derivative, you usually have to divide by whatever the, you know, the units are for X. And it's usually in time, whatever the X units are. Um So when I'm trying to get at is as we go backwards, instead of just saying would cancel out, I would say you multiply by the X units and that would cancel out whatever these are. So the reason I bring that to your attention is because when you give the directions and I really don't care what these numbers are. I go ahead and write a mouth though. F of X Dx and you know, the units for F. R. News and you're doing this, then you need to multiply uh by the X in this case is meters. So these are newton meters are your units when you work out that way. Apparently those are called jewels.