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Problem 5 Easy Difficulty

(II) What strength of magnetic field is used in a cyclotron in which protons make $3.1 \times 10^7$ revolutions per second?


2.0 T


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Video Transcript

So this question really find the magnetic field strength? Uh, but we only given the frequency so we can use the equation 32 days to mystery days to see if you can see two D magnetic field based on the charge and immense softy particle which were accelerating Which in this case is the proton so rearranging to get B should be to pipe if times m over cute. So we have all the very steady need given the frequency which is 3.1 times 10 politician tenable. Seven. The mess is just mess off the proton. Just 1.67% apartments j seven. Key issue charge off a proton is also the elementary charge Substituting very thing we should catty ready off two points your Tesla's

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