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Problem 24 Easy Difficulty

(II) When UV light of wavelength 255 nm falls on a metal surface, the maximum kinetic energy of emitted electrons is 1.40 eV. What is the work function of the metal?


$3.46 \mathrm{eV}$


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Video Transcript

So here we have the Waveland off the relay tech for once on a metal on the maximum kind of dick energy off the immediate electrons from the metal on, we have to find the work function off the middle. So we will lose the question twenty seven point five b according to which the lock function off mental physical too, it times the frequency off light minus the kind of dignity on DH. We know that frequency is equal to the speed off light over the Waveland off the light. And this gives me it's f adds a C over lambda minus maximum. Gonna dignity on DH. We know the value ofthe it. See in dance off electron volts times. Nanna Madoff. We can't use Jules here because our kind of energy is given in terms ofthe electron volt. Andi, this value, it's time. See, we can simply find it by taking the value ofthe the plan constant edge and see which abode Constance and then you'LL get this expression in terms ofthe juice on DH. Then to convert it into electron volt, you need to divide the whole thing by one point six times ten to the minus nineteen Cube's. So we lose this over a year now. So this is when Before Teo zero Trumbo over the way blend minus the kind of dignity which is one born for Syria. And this gives me my work function. Toby T point for six. I can't wait.

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