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Problem 61

Last year, at Haven's Pond Car Dealership, for a …


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Problem 60

In a bag, a child has 325 coins worth $\$ 19.50$ . There were three types of coins: pennies, nickels, and
dimes. If the bag contained the same number of nickels as dimes, how many of each type of coin was
in the bag?


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Video Transcript

All right. Question number 60. We have a 325 coins at a worth $19. 50 cents. There are only pennies, nickels and dimes. And the number of nickels is the same as the number of times. Right. So I'm gonna have ah, switch this up. We're gonna make p equal the number of pennies and equals number. Nichols D equals the number dimes. So we know that when we told number of coins is 3 25 So that means that p bus and bus D has to equal 3 25 Okay, we know the value of the coins is $19.50. So each Eddie is one sentence or just who could write one? People who just right from and then each Nichols were five cents each. Dying is worth 10 cents. Then we need to change the $19.50 into 101,950 cents. All together. Let's do it on. And he's in our last piece to the puzzle. Is that n equals the same members? Nichols is There are times. Okay, so let's start off by subtracting news equations. Let's track the second equation. marks the first equation. Um, that way that peace will cancel. We get five and minus and is or in 10 d minus. One day is 90. We subtract these two when we get 16. 25. Now, the nickels and the dimes are people to each other. So let's substitute and revere d for him. All this or D most 90 people 16 25 13 charms 16 25. And then finally divide both sides by 13. Get d. Okay, well, that means that in also has to be 1 25 Um, Soma, So far, we've used up. You got 1 25 year. One point there says to 50 which means we have another 125 to make it add up to 3 25 So, um, and he's 75 mints. So, uh, yeah,

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