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Problem 7 Easy Difficulty

In a purely inductive AC circuit as shown in Active Figure $33.6, \Delta V_{\max }=100 \mathrm{V}$ . (a) The maximum current is 7.50 $\mathrm{A}$ at 50.0 $\mathrm{Hz}$ . Calculate the inductance $L .$ (b) What If? At what angular frequency $\omega$ is the maximum current 2.50 $\mathrm{A} ?$




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Video Transcript

all right. So, sadly, I did this problem, and then I made a mistake at the end. I'll show you the mistake. Um, nevertheless, we were given this this this the inductive reactant since is that equation so we can rewrite it as this v equals I times the inductive reactant since, um, substituting this in for inductive reactant. So we get this and so solving for l and substituting in the numbers, we get 42 million amps. So this is where I made the mistake. And Ah, it was a very simple mistake. Omega is V over I l Both I and l should be in the d nominee. Okay, so now if I put that into a calculator Now I get 900 81 radiance per second And looking at the answer in the book for this problem, which is number seven. Mm. Says 942. I read that wrong. I got 982. Okay. I don't know how I could be getting this wrong. Omega is V over. I l I put in V as 100. I put in I as 2.4. That's what I wanted. 2.5. My goodness. 942. Just a typo on that one. All right. And now

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