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Problem 2 Easy Difficulty

In each case, identify whether the average described is a mean, median, or mode.
(a) The average Irish child with red hair also has freckles.
(b) The pitcher’s earned run average is 2.35.
(c) The choir lined up with tall people in the back, short people in front, and people of average height in the middle.


a) mode
b) mean
c) median


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Video Transcript

Okay, so we're trying to identify for part A. The average Irish child with red hair also has freckles. The answer. The part is gonna be mowed. The reason why is it this is the item that has the most amount in quantity? Okay, for part B, we know that this is gonna be the mean we know average is another word for mean. And now we're looking at part. See, we know that C is gonna be the media. The reason why is it's the number in the middle, and this is even specified in the problem in the middle. So this is gonna be media.

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