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Problem 28

In Exercises $24-29$ find the measure of each ang…

Problem 27

In Exercises $24-29$ find the measure of each angle.
The measures of the acute angles of a right triangle are in the ratio $5 : 7$ .


$\angle 1=52.5^{\circ} ; \angle 2=37.5^{\circ}$



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Video Transcript

Okay. We know that right triangles are up to 180 degrees. In this case, we are five experts, seven x plus one angle. That's 90 on the triangle. We already stopped. Wish adds up to 180 degrees. We end up with axe equal 7.5, seven times 7.5 equals 52.5 degrees, which is a conflict to angle 15 times 7.5 equals 37.5 degrees, which is equivalent to angle, too.