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Problem 27

In Exercises $24-29$ find the measure of each ang…

Problem 26

In Exercises $24-29$ find the measure of each angle.
The measures of the angles of a triangle are in the ratio $3 : 4 : 5$


$\angle 1=45^{\circ} ; \angle 2=60^{\circ} ; \angle 3=75$



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Video Transcript

okay. In this problem, it gives us the ratio of the angles of a triangle Are 3 to 4 to five. Okay, so the angles of a triangle angles of a triangle ad 280. So again, you could sit here and you could multiply each by two and get 68 10. See if those at Tau 1 80 multiple every three. Get 9 12 15 See if those air 2080. But that's really tedious. So what we're going to do is we're going to put in X with each off the numbers in the ratio. So here we go. We're gonna do three x for X five x, and we're gonna some those 2 180 This comes out to be 12. Ax equals 180. Divide 12 divided by 12. So x is equal to 15. Now. We're just going to replace in each of our angles. So three more supplied by 15 is 45 4 months supplied by 15 is 60 and five, multiplied by 15 is 75. And when you add them, they do come out to 182 greats