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Problem 29

In Exercises $24-29$ find the measure of each ang…

Problem 28

In Exercises $24-29$ find the measure of each angle.
The measures of the angles of an isosceles triangle are in the ratio $3 : 3 : 2$


$\angle 1=67.5^{\circ} ; \angle 2=67.5^{\circ} ; \angle 3=45$



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Video Transcript

Okay, Unquestioned 20. They tell us that we have a nice sauce, please. Triangle whose angles on the ratio off. 3 to 3 to two now. And I saw sues. Triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles. And the ratio is 3 to 3 to two. Have you been with me in any of these other problems? We said, well, we can multiply each by two and get 6 to 6 to four. Multiple. Bay three get 9 to 9 to six. But this is very tedious. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put an axe with each of the numbers. Oh, in a ratio. And in this case, remember the angles of a triangle at to 180 degrees. So we get 6788 X equals 1 80 When we divide by E on both sides, we get that X is 22 0.5 22.5. Now, at this point again, it did not ask for the Oh, it did ask for the angles. So now we have to go back. Okay, so three multiplied by 22.5. We have to calculate, and we have to multiply two by 22.5 to calculate. So three multiplied by 22.5 is 67.5 and two, multiplied by 22.5 is 45. Now remember, there are two angles of 67.5. So 67.5 67.5 and 45 If you add those 67.5 67.5 and 45 guess what you'll get. Try it. 67.5 well, 12 a, too, and in your 45 you get 180 and that's how you can check yourself.