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Problem 26

In Exercises $24-29$ find the measure of each ang…

University of California, Berkeley
Problem 25

In Exercises $24-29$ find the measure of each angle.
The ratio of the measures of two supplementary angles is $11 : 4$


$\angle 1=132^{\circ} ; \angle 2=48^{\circ}$

Chapter 7
Similar Polygons
Section 1
Ratio and Proportion



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Video Transcript

if 11 axe and forks or the measures of the angles and we know don't supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees. We're left with 15 acts equals 1 80 axe equals 12. Therefore, 11 times 12 is 132 so angle one is 132 degrees and then four times 12 was 48. Angled to is 48 degrees.

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