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Problem 30 Easy Difficulty

In Exercises 25-34, use the matrix capabilities of a graphing utility to find the inverse of the matrix (if it exists).

$\left[ \begin{array}{r} -\frac{5}{6} & \frac{1}{3} & \frac{11}{6} \\ 0 & \frac{2}{3} & 2 \\ 1 & -\frac{1}{2} & -\frac{5}{2} \end{array} \right]$


No inverse


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Video Transcript

I'm going to be using the free open source computer. Ouch! Persistent Morsi s called Maxima for solving these problems. Where there s us to do it with the computer for problem 30 aren't matrix. It is minus 56 1/3 11 6 0 2/3 Who one minus one have minus two. Fifth on converting it. And I believe that maybe that has a zero. Determine it. That's here. That's permanent. Ah, there is the input from line 23. Yep. So no inverse exists for that, mate.