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Problem 29

In Exercises $27-30,$ ind the measure of each int…

Problem 28

In Exercises $27-30,$ ind the measure of each interior angle and each exterior angle of the indicated regular polygon. (See Example $6 .$ )


each interior angle measures $160^{\circ} ;$ each exterior angle measures $20^{\circ}$



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Video Transcript

All right. So the question I asked us to find the measure of each interior and exterior angle off, eh? 18 gone on 18 God, which is which has 18 sites. We're gonna use the sum of interior angles, formula and the exterior angle formula for this now, because it's a regular piling on it instead of all that, indeed an exterior, all it indeed angles of the same. And only 60 days bangles are the same on dhe. Each side, each side is also equal. Do the others. Therefore, first calculating the some off interior angles, we find that it is 16 times 1 80 that which is nothing but 202,880. If he between you two find each individual, indeed it angle. Um, this is going to be 280 divided by 18 instead of 18. War disease to this, right, So that means they're 18 angles just the right about 18. It's nothing but 100 and 60 degrees now for individual exterior angles, the formula is simple. He simply take 3 16 the weather by the number of sites which in this case is going to be to succeed, eroded by 18 which is nothing but 22 news