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Problem 11

In Exercises $6-14, x=12, y=10,$ and $z=24 .$ Wri…

Problem 10

In Exercises $6-14, x=12, y=10,$ and $z=24 .$ Write each ratio in simplest form.





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Video Transcript

in this question. It says that X is equal to 12. Why is equal to 10 and Z is equal to 24 Notice? I just put a line through my disease. You don't have to do that. It just so it doesn't look like a two. Okay, now lost the ratio of X plus y over Z plus. Why so just substitute. Here we go. X is 12. Why is 10 z is 24? And why over here again is 10. So you get 22 over 34 now if you reduce that to lowest terms by dividing by two on the top and bottom. So I went to you get 11 Bobby to over 17. So the answer is 11 17 and that isn't simplest form. Be really, really careful. I just want to mention this. It's very tempting to try to cross out those tens right there, but you can't do that over. In addition, sign correct. Remember, add add and then