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Problem 15

Exercises $15-20$ refer to a triangle. Express th…

Problem 14

In Exercises $6-14, x=12, y=10,$ and $z=24 .$ Write each ratio in simplest form.
$x :(x+y) :(y+z)$


$6 : 11 : 17$



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Video Transcript

in this question, they give you values for X Y and Z X is equal 12 12. Why is equal to 10 and see is equal to 24 e wants you to write the ratio X t X plus y two X plus e in simplest form Notice. I put a line through my Z here. Okay, I often do that. Just says what does it look like? A two? Okay, All right, So now let's just plug in. Access 12 12 x plus y x plus y is 12 plus 10 12 plus 10. And why Posey is 10 plus 24. So it's gonna be 12. 2 22 to 20. Hope. Sorry about that. My mistake. That would be 34. 34. Oh, right, 34. Okay, so now, at this point, we can divide each of these by two to get it in simplest form. So let's divide 12 by two. Let's divide 22 by two. Let's divide 34 by two go. And that's our final answer