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Problem 13

In Exercises $6-14, x=12, y=10,$ and $z=24 .$ Wri…


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Problem 12

In Exercises $6-14, x=12, y=10,$ and $z=24 .$ Write each ratio in simplest form.
$x : y : z$


$6 : 5 : 12$



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Video Transcript

in question 12. It says that X is 12. Why is 10 and Z is 24? Christian 12. They're ago. Okay. It wants the ratio of ex toe. Why? Z again Notice. I put this line through my disease just so it doesn't look like a two. Okay, so here ago, we want the ratio of 12 2 10 to 24. But we want this in simplest form. That means we can find the greatest common factor that goes into 12 10 and 24. That being too divide each by two. So you get six, five to 12 you match your final answer.

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